Room One
14:00 - 15:15

The perfect storm isn’t just on the horizon for live entertainment’s supply chain: it’s here. The past two years have seen tens of thousands of freelance workers – and full-time staff – leave the industry to find jobs elsewhere. And without income to keep up finance payments on sound, light, video and other kit, or surplus cash to invest in new stock, there’s a shortage of production across the board. 

So just as artists around the world look to tour and festivals gear up for their biggest summer in three years, there’s a crippling shortage of both skill and ‘stuff’. So just how does the business scale back-up quickly and effectively? And how can we recruit or retrain those who make the show happen? Stuart Galbraith leads this important conversation about bottlenecks, solutions, and the inevitable impact of supply-chain shortages on pricing.


Stuart Galbraith
Kilimanjaro Live (UK)
Xenia Grigat
smash!bang!pow! (DK)
Becky Gundry
Festival Republic (UK)
Ailsa Oliver
ASM Global (UK)
John Lickrish
FLASH Entertainment (AE)
Okan Tombulca
eps international gmbh (DE)