Okan Tombulca

Okan started his rock & roll career in 1991 as a stagehand. Entrepreneurship was the reason he started a career in the event industry and the reason why he is always looking for innovations and new challenges. More than 25 years ago he decided to start his own business specialising in services and infrastructure for live entertainment businesses.

Nowadays, eps, with its offices in Europe, Australia, North and South America is a well-known and reliable partner for rental equipment and special services for huge events and festivals. As well as working for United Nations, NATO and many governments all over the world.

As well as eps, he also founded another innovative company, YouChip, in 2013, with its focus on RFID services for big events and festivals.

Okan continues to develop his businesses to maintain a leading position in the market and to offer a wide range of products to his customers.