Room One
9:55 - 11:00

A quick introduction to GEI14 followed by the first main panel, in which we will take a look at the monumental task of tackling transformation. A crucial topic made increasingly important by an ever closer deadline. It would be foolish to think that this path can be traveled alone or achieved without cooperation. Since climate change knows no borders, the same should be applied to partnerships.

This session will see YOUROPE’s Holger Jan Schmidt and his panel of experts examine various pan-European projects that are already focused on making the festival and live entertainment industry fit for the future:

  • Green Europe Experience– In this project, four major European Festivals and two NGOs developed a circular approach to event production with a focus on scenography.
  • Future Festival Tools– In this UK-led project, a team of European green initiatives joined forces to create a set of knowledge tools to help improve green competency. Seven partner organisations will enable the new generation of event professionals to create a greener future for the sector.
  • FUSION – Festivals as social innovation incubators: This project sees experts on festivals and youth work join forces to create a tailored suite of resources to help festivals realize their potential as social innovation incubators. Therefore enabling young people to use festivals as a stepping stone to implement their own ideas, products and technologies for the benefit of society.
  • 3F – Future-Fit Festivals:YOUROPE, the European Festival Association, was successful in securing the funds for a three-year network project dealing with the resilience, responsibility, and relevance of European festivals. One of the main topics for the 115 members will be the adaptation to climate change and the challenges of the European Green Deal.


Chiara Badiali
Julie's Bicycle (UK)
Kara Djurhuus
Roskilde Festival (DK)
Holger Jan Schmidt
GO Group / Yourope (DE)
Teresa Moore
A Greener Festival / GEI / Go Europe (UK)
Claire O’Neill
A Greener Festival / GEI (UK)
Marie Sabot
We Love Art (FR)