“For me it was the best ILMC; the most productive and rewarding.
Sadly, I missed many [panels] I wanted to attend due to many back-to-back meetings,
so it is so helpful that I can watch them via the link, as I always learn so much from them.”
Sharon Richardson
K2 Agency

“Congratulations on a fantastic ILMC!”
Alex Bruford
ATC Live

“It was a very well run ILMC. Congrats.
And I like that you’re ahead of the pack on the burning issues of our times;
you lead rather than follow.”
Nick Hobbs

“Congratulations on an excellent week…
I’ve attended my fair share of industry events and ILMC is right up there.”
Jon Collins
Live Music

“Congratulations on a great ILMC, which I both enjoyed and found very useful.
[…] Really good conference, and thank you.”
Anita Watson
Incredible Artists

“Thank you again! So good to gather again!”
Juha Lassila
Piikkikasvi Agency

“Well done on pulling it off, and thank you […] for having me. ”
Sam Shemtob
Name Music

“I thank you!
I liked the conference very much and comparing it to those before the pandemic,
I can see a big difference in the approach of many agents and promoters.”
Sara Kordek
Good Taste Production