Thomas Grunberg

Thomas Grunberg is the founder of GAUDINA, an agency based in Paris dedicated to food and beverages.

GAUDINA specialises in events, consulting, curation, strategy, management and content creation, with a sustainable and contemporary approach, focusing on food, chefs, hospitality and lifestyle.

Driving chefs out of their restaurants, inventing new creative spaces, decolonizing taste… GAUDINA is a project that sits at the crossroads of food, environmental issues, art and performance.

For five years now, Thomas is also head of the food programme and food curator for WE LOVE GREEN FESTIVAL, which is one of the main music festivals in Paris, a festival that focuses on environmental and eco-friendly initiatives and ideas.

Inspired and passionate about everything that gravitates around the dining table, Thomas is also the co-founder and director of the publication of PAIN PAIN, a magazine dedicated to bread and its consequences. Following the energy behind PAIN PAIN, he also produces and curates a festival dedicated to bread culture: LA FETE DU PAIN.