Rev. Moose

Rev. MOOSE is the managing partner/co-founder of Marauder and executive director/co-founder of NIVA (National Independent Venue Association).

He stands at the forefront of developing artists and organisations from around the world. His boutique music marketing firm, Marauder, customises long-term strategies and services for each client’s specific needs in the North American market.

Through his work running Independent Venue Week in the US, Moose helped create NIVA (National Independent Venue Association) to organise and support American independent venues and promoters.

Before founding Marauder, Moose greatly extended the international reach of The Syndicate’s radio, publicity, and marketing departments; additionally, during his many years at the helm of CMJ, he helped develop US programmes for national export initiatives. His deep involvement with worldwide musicians inevitably directed him towards managing a diverse roster of international artists as co-owner of The Underground Management.