Mandoki Soulmates

Melancholy times – first the pandemic catches us with all its substantial challenges, which shakes and  divides our society, forces us out of our comfort zone but does not free us from our echo chambers and  filter bubbles, and then suddenly there is war in the middle of Europe with all its brutality and painful disrespect for all our values.

This is where we musicians are needed: Music is the greatest unifier.

For the people who have carried us on their hands for decades, who have come to our concerts, bought  our CDs, consumed our music, to be there, even when there is war where should be peace.

Hence “Utopia for Realists”, hence our tour in November.

Our sold-out concert series, which we had to interrupt in 2019 because of the Covid pandemic, will be  continued in 2022, starting on November 7th in Berlin. We are now celebrating this in London with a very  special showcase concert where we want to meet our audience very directly – small, intimate, and very close to  the people. We are convinced that we owe it to our loyal audience.

The MANDOKI SOULMATES, the band of bandleaders of iconic rock bands and jazz legends, and once  described by the late soulmate Greg Lake (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) as “one of the best bands in the  world,” have collectively won 35 Grammys – currently Cory Henry and Randy Brecker are nominated again – and sold more than 350 million records. When these masterminds of legendary bands make music  together, they are not just “a band,” but a community of shared values that crosses generations and fulfils  its responsibility to make a mark.

Their impressive lineup currently includes such greats as Al Di Meola, Richard Bona, Cory Henry, John Helliwell, Randy Brecker, Mike Stern, Bill Evans, Till Brönner and Tony Carey.