“Anti-authoritarian and resolutely individual, LibraLibra come bursting out of the traps at every opportunity, constructing these rattling, roaring blasts of sound.”CLASH

“A constant experimentation in their sound that is intertwined with pristine pop hooks, it is impossible to pin LibraLibra‘s sound down, but it’s not hard to pinpoint the reassuring and inclusive feeling that permeates their music.”The Punk Site, Hail Mary Review

A chaotic postmodern Frankenstein’s monster, LibraLibra sits simmering in the fractured space between art-pop and punk. From bursting house parties, to supporting Psychic TV at Heaven, to headlining the Brighton Dome, LibraLibra is a DIY collective with an uncompromising creative vision that holds up a cracked mirror to the chaos of modern life.

A Pandora’s box that first opened itself to the world in 2018, LibraLibra has continued to erode the stability of convention with each ambitious release. Founded by vocalist Beth Cannon (fresh off of a tour with Simon Raymond of the Cocteau Twins) & Producer/Drummer Joe Caple (CLT DRP, Lambrini Girls, The Physics House Band) the couple soon enlisted longtime friends multi-instrumentalist Guy Jones and virtuoso guitarist Daniel Martell to complete this genre-defying line-up, whose explosive videos & aesthetic are matched only by their visceral live performances.

Several weeks of working with producer SPACE (IDLES, Never Not Nothing, Jamie Lenman) saw the birth of their 2020 self-released debut EP Hail Mary championed by Melita Dennett from BBC Introducing: The South and receiving praise from BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music.

Fast-forward to the present day, their second EP Modern Millennial was born. Incubated in the womb of a hysterectomy, mental collapses, breakups, loss, a global pandemic and existential dread, this self-produced release lays screaming in the operating theatre gasping its first breath. Through pain is growth, through death comes rebirth.

LibraLibra are excited to bring their blemished child into the broken world. A collection of songs that serve as a soundtrack for the apocalypse. A hint at the limitless possibilities that are yet to come whilst laying bare the past that led them here.