John Robb

John Robb is a many-faceted creature.

Author, journalist, DJ, publisher, model, festival boss, eco warrior, vegan behemoth, and talking head singer from post-punk mainstays The Membranes.

John Robb is all these things and more like his groundbreaking new scheme called the Green Britain Academy to train up to 700,000 apprentices in eco jobs and also Borders Blurred – a gaming and music agency with a twist.

He grew up in Blackpool before punk rock came along and saved his life and he formed the Membranes – the highly influential post punk band whose current albums keep pushing forward with added choirs and textures and are critically acclaimed.

He was one of the leading post-punk fanzine writers in the UK with Rox before he went on to write for the rock press with Sounds in the 80s and was the first person to interview Nirvana. He coined the expression “Britpop” and was instrumental in kickstarting and documenting the Madchester scene with his writing. His music and culture website is currently one of the biggest music and culture sites in the UK and at the front of diverse modern culture.

He is a constant on TV and radio commenting on music, culture and politics and one of the UK’s leading in conversation hosts who has his own successful Youtube channel and his own books and music festival in Manchester every year called Louder Than Words .

He has written many books like best sellers like Punk Rock – an Oral History and The Stone Roses and the Resurrection of British Pop,  and in 2021 a  book about the leading eco energy boss Dale Vince from Ecotricity called Manifesto. He is currently finishing writing a new book on Goth and post-punk called The Art Of Darkness and a collected book of his journalism and his own autobiography and a collected book of his journalism.