Jane Healy

Jane has been working in festival/concert production for the past fifteen years, specialising in sustainable infrastructure and the application of sustainable technologies. Her main focus has been on sanitation management and looking into options to improve and advance that sector within the festival community. From compost toilets to ‘pee power,’ she believes that helping to develop sustainable sanitation technologies will not only benefit the event scene but can also have an impact on the way sanitation is approached in developing countries. She has also worked with WaterAid to promote the importance of good sanitation and clean water.

As sanitation manager at Glastonbury Festival since 2014, she has been able to implement site-wide compost toilets. This was a first for Glastonbury and set a precedent for the festival industry with 1,111 compost toilets in use on one site. She was also in charge of the management of over 5,000 toilets during the event, grey water plumbing and general onsite liquid emptying logistics.

She has also been the water, waste and toilet manager at Boomtown Fair since 2018.