Flo Noseda

Born and raised on an estate of flats in Waterloo (London). So lucky to still be living in the area today.

At school I loved the problem-solving behind maths and physics so ended up studying civil engineering at university, with summer placements setting out the 2012 Olympic Park. Although I decided this wasn’t for me, it advanced my analytical thinking, attention to detail, and got me used to working in a male-dominated environment.

During university, I started booking for musician friends (winging it), getting offers at venues and festivals around the UK. It ignited something in me, and I had to find a way of doing it full-time!

I finished my degree then started working under the wing of my cousin Joe at Academy Music Group, which gave me invaluable experience into the operations of the venue conglomerate and a chance to work at Wireless Festival in 2015.

Shortly after, I took an internship at Brixton Academy with Nigel Downs, learning the ins and outs of the renowned venue.

After that finished, I was hungry to join the live booking world and started at Paradigm as general agency assistant nearly 6 years ago. Since then, I’ve had the unique experience of working with two of the partners Tom Schroeder and James Whitting, before settling into my current team with senior agent and agency management Nick Matthews.

For about 3 years, I’ve been on a small committee chosen to bridge-the-gap between the support staff and agency management. We are tasked to review processes, test-run new software elements and provide guidance to junior staff. During my time, I’ve trained and supervised the majority of the new assistants at the agency, which I find rewarding.

I’ve found people seem to have me as their go-to if they aren’t sure on how to do something. I’m super happy that my experience and approachability is recognised by my peers.

I’m also part of our company’s Well-Being Task Force, Development & Training Task Force and ITG Task Force. Task forces were created by management to allow more transparency and integration within the company and how it runs.

I was brought up around a lot of jazz and soul music by a family of entertainers with Mum’s singing, Grandad’s piano skills and Nan, who worked at Fosters Agency in Piccadilly Circus before running her own tap dance school.

My cousin Joe worked at Academy Music Group when I made the transition into the industry and has always been an inspiration to me. He is now FD at London Venue Group, who own venues Omeara and Lafayette. Our nan and grandad’s photo can be found on one of the vintage-style walls of the bar at Lafayette.