Dr. Vincent Walsh

Dr Walsh is an entrepreneur, academic, consultant and designer focusing on circular and regenerative food infrastructures. He is the founder of the UK plant-based food brand HERBLABISM.

His educational background stretches across moving image design, biological architecture, agricultural technologies and ecological life support systems. As a senior design consultant, he works for some of the UK’s largest food and water companies, with 15 years of experience developing innovative food projects across temperate and tropical climates with business, sciences, and the arts.

His commercial activities focus on resilient methodologies to create integrated alternative food production and urban distribution systems, forming new techniques with novel interconnectivity for a decentralised urban food sector. Key to the method is a design-driven transdisciplinary whole system approach, focused on the emergence of new biological infrastructure, innovation and cultures, which potentially have the capability of becoming increasingly resilient through climatic, economic and social disturbance.