Alex Barounos

Alex is the lead sales executive with Aloompa, where he is responsible for business development across the many verticals Aloompa touches.

Aloompa introduced the first-ever mobile app for a music festival in 2009, effectively replacing the paper guide forever. The company has driven innovation in event technology ever since. As events have become increasingly complex, time consuming and expensive to operate, Aloompa and CUE Audio have joined forces to bring world-class live event engagement tools to your event. Together, they provide attendee engagement, ticketing, and sponsorship products to help event producers spend more time enhancing their event and less time managing multiple vendors.

Aloompa’s focus on festivals and major sports events is a natural fit for Alex, who has experience as a collegiate and professional level ski racer due to his time competing with the British National Ski Team and University of New Mexico.

Prior to joining the Aloompa team, Alex developed virtual events for industries ranging from retail/CPG to geospatial and mapping. He worked with numerous trade associations on events ranging from member meetings to conferences. Alex was instrumental in launching a major international event in support of the Earth Archive Initiative, an undertaking to GIS scan sensitive archeological and biodiverse environments.