Room Two
10:00 - 11:15

This year’s round up of the venue sector takes place under four headings: education, knowledge, connection, and understanding. With the industry planning to rebound to pre-pandemic levels through 2022, venues around the world are reopening doors, restaffing, and reskilling. But what’s changed over the last two years for these bricks-and-mortar operations, and what challenges remain? Key to recovery will be the revival of consumer confidence to ensure full houses and busy bars and merch stalls, so what strategies are in place? This year’s discussion will cover getting back to business, a common approach to health-and-safety protocols, and new operational models for these vital buildings.


Marie Lindqvist
ASM Global Europe
Olivier Toth
Rockhal Luxembourg
Alex Bruford
ATC Live (UK)
Jolanda Jansen
Rotterdam Ahoy (NL)
Phay Mac Mahon
Production Manager (UK)
Herman Schueremans
Live Nation (BE)