The York Suite
18:00 - 20:00

After nearly two years ‘in the wild,’ ILMC’s most intrepid explorers will finally be back together, front and centre, at The ILMC ‘Call of the Wild’ Opening Party.

The event will reunite friends and colleagues, some previously thought lost in the wilderness, and with two hours of complimentary wine and beer (not to mention nibbles), delegates will probably find themselves making many new acquaintances. It’s the perfect opportunity for explorers to put down their maps and compasses for a few hours and ease themselves into the conference, with a drink in hand.

The party also incorporates the closing drinks for the ILMC Production Meeting (IPM), which takes place earlier that day, so partygoers can rub shoulders with the brightest lights of the production world.

It all takes place in the Nine Kings Foyer on the ground floor of the hotel. And with it kicking off early, there’ll be plenty of time to head out for the evening afterwards…