Room Two
15:30 - 16:30

This panel provides room for a number of in-depth conversations about new exhibitions and experiences, focusing on players who recently made waves in the experience economy. To round this up, we take a further look at the industry’s trailblazers and innovators through presentation and Q&A.

The final of TEEM’s trio of programmes for the day meets some of the innovators driving both products and experiences forward into a very bright future indeed. And as the session wraps up, all attendees are invited to remain in the room for a glass of wine, beer or a soft drink and a chance to catch up informally before the keynote with Brian Eno and Aurora in the room next door. 

Refreshments come courtesy of Exhibition Hub & Imagine Exhibitions.


Christoph Scholz
Semmel Concerts (DE)
Gwenaël Allan
Sensory Odyssey Studio (FR)
Mario Iacampo
Exhibition Hub (US)
Heather McGill
Unify (UK)
Enrique Usandizaga
Fever (ES)