Room Two
14:00 - 15:00

Hosts: Sana Ali Aamir (Fever) & Christoph Scholz (Semmel Concerts Entertainment)

From Instagrammable moments and dynamic pricing to NFT merchandise – the experience economy is all about building products around the fans. Integrating customers into immersive worlds has become one of the central goals within the cultural landscape.

So just what does the future experience look, feel (and perhaps taste or smell?) like for an increasingly engaged visitor with equally increasing expectations? And what new routes are there to reach and entice these visitors?

Sana Ali Aamir, GM of Fever for the UK and Nordics, and Christoph Scholz will introduce forward-thinking projects and marketing strategies from around the world.


Christoph Scholz
Semmel Concerts (DE)
Sana Ali Aamir
Fever (UK)
Anja Diggelmann
Immersive Art Ltd (CH)
Peter Monbailleu
MB Presents (BE)
John Norman
Victory Hill Exhibitions (US)
Andreas Waschk
Explorado Group (DE)