Room Four
15:30 - 16:30

Has live music sponsorship lost its allure? Some believe that events are over-commercialised, over-commoditised, and have lost ground to other entertainment experiences as music becomes assimilated into other forms of culture.

Meanwhile, brands are looking for broader based platforms from which to reach and engage their audiences. The post-pandemic stampede for collective social events has brought music back central to audiences’ entertainment choices. Live music, whether festivals or concerts, offers attendees moments of anticipation, collaboration and unique memories that brands remain consistently capable of bolstering through their support and sponsorship.

We bring together experts from venues, promoters, and other entertainment channels to see if the doom mongers will be proven right or if the new face of sponsorship can ensure that live music remains a premier choice for brand leaders.


Jeremy Paterson
IF Media Consultancy (UK)
Bradlee Banbury
Mark Davyd
Music Venue Trust (UK)
Dukagjin Lipa
REPUBLIKA Communications Agency (XK)
Alex Merchán
ASM Global (US)
Bijal Parmar
Virgin Media O2 (UK)