Room Three
10:30 - 11:00

This panel will see four delegates present their innovative start-ups, businesses or inventions aimed at helping to solve our climate conundrums.

Discover cutting-edge innovations including: Greener Power Solutions’ green power at events, who will show us how we can optimise our power supplies using large mobile batteries; LaPee’s revolutionary female urinal aimed at improving women’s experience at festivals; Bodyheat Club, who will demonstrate how we can create energy from our audience, and how today’s parties can fuel tomorrow’s; Serenade’s future of environmentally (and economically) sustainable NFTs in music; and Visual planning: how OnePlan empowers sustainable events.


Gordon Masson
IQ Magazine / ILMC (UK)
Dieter Castelein
Greener Power Solutions (NL)
Hannah Jukes
TownRock Energy and Bodyheat Club Ltd (UK)
Paul McCrudden
OnePlan (UK)
Gina Périer
Lapee (DK)
Mike Walsh
Serenade (UK)