Room Two
14:00 - 15:00

If Covid taught us anything, it was the importance of the business having a voice with both policymakers and the public. The last two years have seen existing networks strengthened and the launch of many new associations, so what’s been achieved, and how important will these bodies be moving forwards? And beyond national approaches, should the live music business be more vocal and united on a pan-European, or even international, basis?

This session investigates the power of proper representation and asks whether the business needs to be even more organised in the future.

Anita Debaere
Pearle*-Live Performance Europe (BE)
Annabella Coldrick
Christof Huber
Gadget abc/Yourope (CH)
Victoria Matthews
European Arenas Association (UK)
Rev. Moose
Marauder / National Independent Venue Association (US)
Tone Østerdal
Norwegian Live Music Association