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With less than ten minutes to pitch their product, invention or idea, ILMC’s new tech panel is a perennial favourite. From digital merch, to game-changing developments in production, marketing and mobile, it’s a 75-minute rundown on the newest innovations in the live music business. Our resident tech adviser Steve Machin hosts the session, inviting ten innovators to showcase the latest technology set to impact the business over the next twelve months. 

Companies presenting…

CUE Audio

CUE Audio was founded with the goal of providing an offline, network-free communications protocol using high-frequency, ultrasonic audio as an alternative to Wi-Fi, cell service, and Bluetooth for short-range communications. CUE’s technology has been widely adopted across the NFL, NHL, NBA, and over 70 (top) universities in the US, as a way to coordinate tens of thousands of smartphones in-venue to create synchronised fan-engagement experiences that otherwise would not be possible with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular infrastructure.

CUE’s acoustic modem has also been widely utilised as an IoT protocol and mechanism for detecting proximity. CUE’s technology engages over 500,000 users each month and operates in 100s of major arenas and stadiums worldwide.


Sydney-based crowd tech start-up Dynamic Crowd Measurement co-founder Andrew Tatrai discusses the motivation for the development of Dynamic crowd measurement software.
Successful crowd management ends in crowds going home in a neutral or positive mood. The complex interactions between people, expectations and the environment make this a challenge for thoughtful organisers. To avoid negative moods, crowd measurement is required to guide crowd management strategies.

Solving the mood management puzzle has been a bridge too far… until now. Technology has crossed the divide, offering a way to visualise and measure mood in crowds. The adage “to measure is to control” delivers hope in understanding what we can do to manage crowds better.

To use technology to support decision making we need to capture the experience of years of operational crowd management into an algorithm. Our experience and observations align the inputs of density and flow affecting the output of crowd mood. If mood is the final metric for success, the future is measuring the crowd mood in a reliable and accurate way.

As crowds return to events, DCM software can measure customer experience from gates to bar queues, to provide a microscope on crowd behaviour for a better understanding of what our patrons like and what we can do to help them enjoy the event more.

future demand

future demand is fundamentally changing how event organisers understand fans and audiences. Our software enables long-term utilisation forecasts for cultural, live entertainment and sporting events and the targeted delivery of automated marketing campaigns.

We are a young Berlin-based start-up with a talented team of 15 employees with eight different nationalities and overall deep roots in the event industry. Our investors include 360T founder Carlo Kölzer, Roland Berger Industries, Transporeon Co-Founder Roland Hötzl, the strategy consultancy actori, and IBB Ventures.

Clients from all event sectors trust in future demand, including the Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg, the Vienna State Opera, the Lucerne Festival classical music festival and the music promoter undercover (a subsidiary of BMG).


GET Protocol provides existing and new ticket issuers with the tools to easily offer NFT tickets to mainstream audiences on a global scale. Since 2016, it has enabled ticketing companies to make the most of emerging technologies without having to sacrifice on service or usability.

In doing so, it has developed a globally used ticketing system that rebalances the power dynamics in the events industry, giving back control and revenue to creators. From delivering verifiable and relevant fan data to improving security on location and even enabling pre-financing for future events – it’s all possible.

As of March ’22, the protocol has issued over 1.5 million NFT tickets for more than a dozen integrators, operating across four continents.


Gigseekr is a live music discovery service that provides its users with instant access to live music listings, allowing fans to stay up to date with tours, concerts, and the artists of their choice.

For urban festivals, Gigseekr offers a unique ‘takeover’ experience, entirely free of charge, that provides a simple and innovative way for a festival to take control and rebrand the Gigseekr mobile app.

Having first launched at Liverpool Sound City 2021, the takeover mode gave users real-time information about each of the performances. This has led to Gigseekr being shortlisted as a finalist of Music Week’s Live Music Innovation of the Year award 2022.

“….We now see Gigseekr as an essential tech-companion to our audiences’ experience….”
Liverpool Sound City

The takeover app can be customised, allowing features to be added or removed depending on each festival’s requirements. Some of these features include: Festival schedule, venue capacity warnings, on stage now/next, a ‘clash’ planner, set time notifications and colour schemes.


Hearby provides fun new pathways to find live music shows going on locally. With 3X more shows to choose from – from arenas to small venues in cities across the UK & North America – Hearby delivers more to explore. What’s unique is we cover the 60% of venues that others don’t follow: the grassroots, the local legends, the intimate musical adventures that happen every night in our neighbourhoods. By making shows by grassroots artists as visible as rock stars, we make it easier for people to find the right vibe for themselves and their friends. Our mission is to make an impact – to get a few more people to a lot more shows – working with category-leading brands to licence our digital live music discovery experience for their customers, powered by Hearby.


Sonosphere was formed in 2018 to bring together a team of award-winning immersive content and sound designers.

The team has just completed the two-year, double award-winning,5G Festival project as the immersive audio partners and project leaders for all the trials. The final 5G Festival showcase, that was held in March this year, saw 21 musicians spread over three venues, 70 miles apart, playing live as one band, with an 8ms round-trip latency. With a live audience in two of the venues and the whole show immersively livestreamed to people on mobile devices across the globe, this was a world first.

Sonosphere works in all areas of immersive audio. We take our clients content and deliver it in ways beyond imagination. We love to challenge conventional thinking.

Hearing is three dimensional. The human ear consumes the sounds of the natural environment in three dimensions. Our actions and emotions are triggered by the sounds we hear all around us. Sonosphere takes audio in its rawest form and turns it into an immersive, emotive magical experience for live, studio or broadcast productions

Sonosphere is uniquely focused on delivering an audio experience the way the human ear wants to hear. Moving away from traditional stereo opens a new world of creativity and an emotional connection for live productions and music consumption at home, broadcast, and livestreaming.

We will elevate your recorded music, show, festival or broadcast to a new and exciting level of audio reproduction that will delight your audience, whether they are part of a crowd at a festival, watching a livestream, or having a solitary moment at home.

Sixty years ago, mono changed to stereo. Today is when stereo changes to a beautiful, three-dimensional audio experience that will amaze, move, and inspire your listeners.


Vatom operates and develops the Vatom platform. Vatom natively incorporates the key pillars of Web3 – an identity-based wallet, developer first immersive web spaces, and a studio for creating smart NFTs and campaigns, and naturally an NFT marketplace.

The Vatom platform is a purpose-built metaverse suite for connecting brands, fans, artists, and all points in between. Vatom is powering festivals, venues, livestreams, ticketing, and radio with a feature-complete toolkit bringing Web3 and the benefits of the metaverse to the masses.

The Vatom platform is built to scale and can host thousands of attendees simultaneously in the same space, all with video avatars and a fully spatial audio experience.

At the heart of the platform is the world’s 1st NFT-based cross-chain wallet – the only wallet you will ever need. The Vatom wallet seamlessly connects fans to all their NFT and metaverse experiences with a one-click set-up.

Easy to access for fans, and easy-to-build experiences and campaigns – Vatom is a #NoCode solution, so there are no plug-ins and no technical know-how required. Just your browser and a simple web-based URL lets you add web3 to events in real life and online.


Steve Machin
Vatom (UK)
Alex Barounos
Aloompa (US)
Maarten Bloemers
GET Protocol (NL)
Ian Condry
Area4 Labs / Hearby (US)
Jamie Gosney
Sonosphere (UK)
David Hamilton
Gigseekr (UK)
Colin Hornett
Vatom (US)
Andrew Tatrai
Dynamic Crowd Management (AU)
Hannes Tronsberg
future demand (DE)