Room Two
10:00 - 11:00

ILMC’s ever-popular session returns with a quartet of emerging execs – all of whom were recognised among IQ’s latest New Boss List. These young professionals will reflect on their journey so far, including breakthrough moments, career highlights, and invaluable mentors. The session will also uncover the New Bosses’ visions of a post-pandemic industry. How can we build back better to ensure that the business remains attractive to future generations? Which issues do young professionals want the industry to prioritise during its recovery? And what are the opportunities and challenges facing execs rising through the ranks in today’s live music business?


Lisa Henderson
IQ Magazine (UK)
Tessie Lammle
Flo Noseda
Paradigm Talent Agency (UK)
Anna Parry
The 02 (UK)
Théo Quiblier
Two Gentlemen (CH)
Age Versluis
Friendly Fire (NL)