Room Two
14:00 - 15:00

Pre-Covid, the levels of external investment flowing into the live music space were at record levels: it had never been easier to find backing for a company or concept. Coming out of the pandemic, how are funds and investors viewing the business, and do they have the same appetite? And as agencies, promoters and festival brands begin to boast the same shareholders, how does this affect competition overall? From new models of fundraising, to opportunities for independent promoters and new players, it’s a fascinating space. 

LIVE chief economist Chris Carey invites many of those who’ve taken the leap to talk about their experience and with the market bouncing back internationally and boom times predicted, advise how those looking to secure investment should go about it. 


Chris Carey
Media Insight Consulting / LIVE / FastForward (UK)
Jarred Arfa
Artist Group International (US)
Jessica Koravos
Oak View Group International / The Really Useful Group (UK)
Ben Lovett
TVG Hospitality/Musician (UK)