Room Two
11:30 - 12:30

Two years on from the racial injustices and seminal uprisings of 2020, what has changed within the industry? During the pandemic, the business pledged to build back better, but have we made good on our promise?

This session checks in with leaders in the live music industry to find out how they have converted declarations of solidarity into commitments, action and accountability. These allies will share best practices, strategies and resources that are helping them to repair the diversity deficit and ensure that all is not forgotten as the industry gets back to business. The path to a more diverse business is a long one… so where are we right now and what obstacles remain?


Roger Wilson
Black Lives in Music (UK)
Emma Banks
Jane Beese
Manchester International Festival (UK)
Ann Jackson
Oak View Group (US)
Theresho Selesho
Matchbox Live (ZA)