Room Three
14:00 - 15:00

Probably one of the most researched, analysed and debated topics in the discourse around green events… Cups! We shall drinketh from which chalice!?

Still over a decade in to this conversation and despite the depth of research, this is also an area shrouded in much myth, misconception, misinformation, and conflicting stories. Furthermore, new products and materials are continuously entering the market, possibly quicker than the waste management facilities can keep up. Where is the loop really being closed? What are the optimum conditions for reuse and best materials for reusables? What are the facts? Do we need to standardise the approach across venues and align policies for security, health & safety, and sustainability on this issue, and will brands come on board?


Andy Lenthall
Festival Insights/UK Festival Awards (UK)
 Marcel Arsand
Ball Beverage Packaging EMEA  (UK)
Victoria Chapman
Live Nation (UK)
Laura van de Voort
Green Events (NL)
Nora Wigand
Ball Aluminium Cups (DE)