Room Three
10:00 - 11:00

It has been two years since international touring was commonplace and much has changed since then. Brexit, Covid and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has undoubtedly changed the future of touring in Europe. And as markets around the world begin to open up for business, it’s a race against time to educate and prepare the sector for the challenges that lie ahead.

So what is the current state of play with the UK’s new relationship with its European neighbours? And how is Brexit and our new European outlook going to shape the way we work across borders? Experts from a range of sectors will come together to discuss the challenges ahead and offer practical solutions to immigration, social security, carnets, cabotage, VAT, logistics, and more.


James Wright
Vanessa Careta
Everything is New (PT)
Dr Dick Molenaar
All Arts Tax Advisers (NL)
Craig Stanley
Marshall Arts Ltd (UK)